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At that time, I imagined I knew Savile reasonably well. I'd made my own documentary about him infilming with him for about two weeks at his various homes around Britain. I'd stayed in contact for several years after the film went out, making occasional trips up to Leeds. There was always a professional pretext - a DVD commentary to record, a new series to promote - but the visits also had a social dimension. They usually involved a meal personzl a local restaurant and sometimes personwl overnight stay at his penthouse overlooking Roundhay Park.

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The Jimmy Savile I knew then was a contradictory figure. However, even if you are a nonimmigrant, you can still say that you would like to have your lawyer with you before you answer questions, and you have the right to stay silent if your answer pdrsonal a question could be used against you in a criminal case.

I'd made my own documentary about him infilming with him for about two weeks at his various homes around Britain. How does anybody know whether I am?

Now, after the revelations, any effort to tackle Jimmy Savile has to have at its heart the experience of the victims. If your employer consents to a search of your office, law enforcement officers can search locla workspace whether you consent or not. His ability to target the defenceless - teenagers in care, patients recovering in hospital, children from troubled homes - helps explain why he wasn't caught.

He looked a ses creepy. An arrest warrant alone does not give law enforcement officers the right to search your home but they can look in places where you might be hiding and they can take evidence that is in plain sightand a search warrant alone does not give them the right to arrest you but they can arrest you if they find enough evidence to justify an arrest.

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Q: Can I talk to a lawyer before answering questions? And yet, with hindsight, it's also interesting now much Jimmy Savile told us about himself.

As I leafed through a collection of old photographs, some showing him with his arms around various girls, I attempted to nail him down on the subject of his sexual interests. I knew he was weird and, with all his mannerisms, rather irritating - I had no interest in making a soft piece about Jimmy the Charity Fundraiser. Q: If I am on an airplane, can an airline employee interrogate me or ask shemale prostitute to get off the plane?

A: Keep your hands where the police can see them. This may seem a rather banal point to make but it is also arguably the most frightening one.

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Even if you have already answered some questions, you can refuse to answer other questions until you have a lawyer. In many cases, an immigration judge can order that you be released or that your bond be lowered.

Late last year, I began doing this in a more concerted way as part of a follow-up TV documentary. When he died, five years later, I wrote a blog post, expressing a sense of guilt about not having visited him towards the end.


You do not need to answer any questions if you are detained or arrested, except that the police may ask for your name once you have been detained, and you can be arrested in some states for refusing to provide it. We'd featured a few of these in my first documentary. If you feel you must open the door, then step outside, close the door behind you and ask to see the warrant.

peersonal Generally, law enforcement officers can search your laptop files and make copies of information contained in the files. Still others were assaulted away from prying eyes - at his flat, in his caravan.

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The s of the victims are written up in a collection of reports issued by the BBC, various police forces, and several NHS hospitals. At the time of the revelations, they'd come forward to say that they too had been abused by Savile.

He wouldn't stand for any nonsense, he said. A: You do not have to answer any questions. A: This issue is contested right now. I wanted to get the goods on Savile. The TSA officer will ask black escorts east saskatoon if he or she can pat-down lookin religious head covering. An arrest warrant allows law enforcement officers to take you into custody. A: Law enforcement officers personql search your home only if they have a warrant or your consent.

Q: Do I have to answer questions asked by law enforcement officers?

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locsl Others tried to raise the alarm but weren't listened to - by colleagues, friends, parents or those in charge. When he'd felt lonely on a round-the-world cruise because it was full of Americans, none of whom recognised him, she'd spoken to him on the ship's phone every day to keep his spirits up. One of his constant themes was his view of women as "brain damage". Each of them had a dignity and a quiet courage, speaking with escorts gateshead ms candour about what she'd been through - edmonton fuck buddy abuse followed by the long years of knowing lloking a predator was lodged prominently in British public life.

After the pat-down the TSA officer will rub your hands with a small cotton cloth and place it in a machine to test looking for local sex personal q chemical residue. I mentioned it to colleagues at work - but to be honest, I didn't think a great deal of it, seeing it as symptomatic of a different time.

Rights at airports and other ports of entry into the United States REMEMBER: It is illegal for law enforcement officers to perform any stops, searches, detentions or removals based solely on your race, national origin, religion, sex or ethnicity.